Mirantis Technology Partners have self-tested hundreds of applications, infrastructure, and hardware products for interoperability with versions of Mirantis OpenStack. Many have also developed and documented manual and automated integrations of their technologies with MOS, though some of these may not be fully-supported by Mirantis.

Mirantis-developed and -supported technology integrations for legacy MOS can be found in our Fuel Plugins catalog.

Partner technology integrations with Mirantis Cloud Platform (MCP) can be found in our Mirantis MCP Technology Partner Catalog.

  • 6WIND

    Mirantis and 6WIND are partnering to accelerate OpenStack networking for NFV and data center use cases. The 6WIND Virtual Accelerator Fuel Plugin automates deployments for virtualized infrastructure that accelerates packet processing by offloading vSwitching to the network stack. 6WIND software solves performance challenges for network operators in telecom, enterprise and cloud infrastructure markets.

  • A10 Networks

    Mirantis is partnering with A10 Networks to integrate support for A10 application networking technologies into the Mirantis OpenStack distribution. A10 Networks is a leader in application networking, providing a range of high-performance application networking solutions that accelerate and secure data center applications and networks of thousands of the largest enterprise, service provider and hyperscale web providers around the world.

  • ActiveState

    Mirantis is partnering with ActiveState to simplify and automate deployment of Stackato on Mirantis OpenStack. Stackato is a commercially-supported enterprise container-based Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) solution based on Cloud Foundry and incorporating support for Docker.

  • Akanda

    Mirantis and Akanda are partnering to validate rapid deployment of Astara — now an official OpenStack project — with Mirantis Openstack via Fuel Plugin. Developed by core Neutron developers, Astara is engineered to act as a single control point for all networking services, supplanting agents for L3, DHCP, LBaaS, FWaaS and other services and implementing its own VNF worker architecture.

  • Apcera

    Mirantis is partnering with Apcera to facilitate deployment and use of the Apcera Trusted Cloud Platform on Mirantis OpenStack. Apcera's platform is a tool for deploying and managing lifecycles of diverse workloads rapidly in a standard way across hybrid clouds and multi-cloud environments, including new apps, composable legacy applications and containerized apps in Docker and other formats. Apcera is a tool for deploying and managing lifecycles of diverse workloads rapidly in a standard way across hybrid clouds, including new apps, composable legacy applications and containerized apps in Docker and other formats.

  • Appcito

    Mirantis and Appcito have partnered to validate Appcito ADS Application Delivery System, which brings together application load balancing, traffic engineering, application security and analytics capabilities in an elegantly integrated packaged format, where they can all be consumed together, or as add-on components. This provides for a highly flexible offering that is easy to try, deploy and scale in an extremely agile manner.

  • AppFormix

    Using AppFormix, Mirantis OpenStack bridges the gap between applications and infrastructure. The AppFormix software solution provides monitoring and control of all cloud infrastructure, whether on prem or in the public cloud keeping consistent performance across the entire datacenter. AppFormix is developing a Fuel Plugin to enable rapid deployment of their solution with Mirantis OpenStack.

  • Aquari

    Aquari makes scale-out storage based on Ceph and Concurrent Linux, scalable to Exabytes and optimized for high-throughput use-cases, like video streaming. Designed for OpenStack, Aquari and Mirantis are collaborating to ensure interoperability with Mirantis open cloud solutions.

  • Arista

    Mirantis OpenStack integrates support for Arista network switches for software driven cloud networking solutions. Mirantis OpenStack has already been implemented with Arista hardware switches in large-scale deployments for IT-as-a-service.

  • AudioCodes

    AudioCodes Ltd. designs, manufactures and sells advanced Voice over IP and converged VoIP and Data networking products and applications to Service Providers and Enterprises. Mirantis and AudioCodes are collaborating to validate AudioCodes Mediant VE Session Border Controller on Mirantis OpenStack.

  • Avi Networks

    Avi Networks and Mirantis are working together to offer elastic application delivery and powerful application analytics in OpenStack and to accelerate OpenStack adoption in enterprise production environments. Application resiliency and real-time visibility are key requirements for running business critical applications in OpenStack. Avi Networks has built the next-generation ADC with integrated visibility and analytics that integrates natively within OpenStack.

  • Avni

    Avni has validated integration of Avni Software Defined Cloud on Mirantis OpenStack. Avni SDC automates deployment of applications to private, public or hybrid clouds. Avni easily handles modern multi-tier applications, gathers metrics from application and network services, derives intelligent insights, and takes proactive actions to ensure application SLA and availability based on policy. Fortune 5000 companies in the retail, financial services and media industries rely on Avni's platform to bring new services to market quickly.

  • Biarca

    Mirantis and Biarca are partnering to extend Mirantis' original work in simplifying Kubernetes container orchestrator deployments on OpenStack, using Murano, and in enabling creation of secure multi-cloud environments. They recently demonstrated two Murano apps, one facilitating creation of hybrid cloud environments bridged with OpenVPN, the other permitting deployment of a Kubernetes cluster on OpenStack that can auto-scale Pods in response to CPU utilization: creating new pods initially in a premise-based OpenStack cluster, then, if required, bursting to create new pods in a remote Kubernetes cluster on Google Container Engine.

  • Big Switch Networks

    Mirantis and Big Switch Networks are partnering to accelerate OpenStack deployments on SDN-based cloud fabrics built with commodity bare metal switches. The joint solution involves the Mirantis Fuel installer for OpenStack with Big Switch’s Big Cloud Fabric (BCF) network plug-in. Customers can rapidly stand up OpenStack clouds that are scalable, resilient, operationally simple and highly cost optimized. The Mirantis Fuel installer provides a simplified interface which dramatically accelerates deployment of Openstack while giving customers the flexibility to tailor Openstack to their needs. Big Switch’s Big Cloud Fabric Controller programmatically interacts with OpenStack orchestrator to provision logical networks onto the ultra low-cost leaf-spine fabric in a zero-touch manner, thus enabling tremendous application agility and rapid change management.

  • Brocade

    Mirantis OpenStack implements Brocade’s SDN plug-ins for Neutron, enabling deployment and configuration of virtual networks using Brocade VDX switches with VCS fabric technology; Brocade ADX L4-L7 application delivery switches; and Brocade Vyatta vRouter and SDN orchestration software. Mirantis and Brocade are collaborating to bring additional Vyatta functionality to OpenStack

  • Canonical

    Mirantis and Canonical have teamed up to offer private cloud solutions based on Mirantis OpenStack and Ubuntu. The two companies will invest in continuously testing compatibility between Mirantis OpenStack and Ubuntu to ensure that the Mirantis OpenStack distribution works seamlessly with Ubuntu. The companies will collaborate to offer an OpenStack solution that is fully supported, secure and ready for production workloads.

  • Cataleya

    Cataleya is a leader in IP networking technology, with a strong track record in developing and deploying next generation carrier grade session border controllers (SBC), pushing the envelope in an all IP paradigm. Mirantis and Cataleya are partnering to facilitate robust deployment of Cataleya's Orchid One vSBC platform, which applies data analytics, machine learning, big data analysis, voice quality analysis techniques, and advanced software based frameworks to provide IP-based carrier voice services that are reliable, predictable, secure, and of very high quality, along with real time visibility into, and analytics of voice service transport and application layers. Cataleya's final objective will be to deliver a framework that lets customers deploy friction-free, scalable voice services and offers efficient automated management of all service instances.

  • Catbird

    Mirantis and Catbird are partnering to enable customers to secure their OpenStack deployments by ensuring that all OpenStack assets receive policy-defined protection from inception to retirement.

  • Ceph

    Mirantis has made Ceph distributed storage auto-deployable in Mirantis OpenStack as an alternative to Swift (for object and image storage) and for file and block-storage under Cinder. Ceph’s foundation is the Reliable Autonomic Distributed Object Store (RADOS), which provides your applications with object, block, and file system storage in a single unified storage cluster -- making Ceph flexible, highly reliable and easy for you to manage.

  • Ciii CloudLabs

    Ciii CloudLabs (Flextronics) and Mirantis are engaged in developing customer ready private cloud solutions using Mirantis Openstack running on Ciii hardware. The partnership enables end customers to procure and deploy a cost effective private cloud in hours instead of months. Mirantis and Ciii CloudLabs are also collaborating to validate Ciii-engineered integrations of SDN, NFV and telco cloud-related technologies with Mirantis OpenStack. The first of these is the vIMS (Virtualized IP Multimedia Subsystem) VNF, incorporating open source Project Clearwater: a complete, SIP-based call control architecture that can serve as the basis for telco VoIP, IP video and messaging.

  • Cisco

    Mirantis and Cisco are partnering to certify Cisco's ACI SDN against Mirantis OpenStack. Mirantis OpenStack 5.0, 7.0, and 8.0 are also certified on Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS) B-series blade servers and C-series (M4) rackmount servers (both UCSM 2.2.1). Mirantis is a Cisco-Certified Solution Partner.

  • Citrix

    Mirantis and Citrix are partnering to facilitate deployment of Citrix NetScaler Application Delivery Controller in enterprise and service provider data centers, targeting the Mirantis NFV reference platform. NetScaler creates an ADC connectivity layer that can provide functionality such as Load Balancing on demand at any desired point in a VNF or virtualized infrastructure layer service chain. Citrix has also created a Fuel Plugin to simplify deployment of XenServer, a commercial virtualization platform based on the open-source Xen Project Hypervisor, opening up new avenues for enterprise application and desktop virtualization.

  • Cloudbase Solutions

    Mirantis and Cloudbase Solutions have partnered in order to let enterprises use the OpenStack Hyper-V Compute Driver on Mirantis OpenStack, with complete interoperability and support. The joint solution enables Hyper-V compute nodes to work side-by-side with KVMs in Mirantis OpenStack deployments, so that companies can manage heterogenous Windows workloads on OpenStack at the click of a button.

  • Cloudera

    Mirantis and Cloudera are partnering to simplify deployment of Hadoop on OpenStack, via Sahara. Cloudera has created a Sahara plugin, enabling MOS/Sahara to deploy Cloudera Hadoop.

  • CoreOS

    Mirantis and CoreOS are collaborating with Intel to integrate OpenStack and Kubernetes into a single open source software-defined infrastructure stack, simplifying OpenStack deployment and lifecycle management and enabling VM-centric IaaS in the context of a hyperscale, container native platform with unified orchestration. Essential to this work will be CoreOS Linux and other open source products built and contributed to by CoreOS.

  • Cumulus Networks

    Mirantis and Cumulus Networks are partnering to integrate support for the Cumulus Linux operating system for networking hardware into Mirantis OpenStack.

  • Datera

    Datera is building cloud scale infrastructure for enterprises and service providers, with game changing economics, performance and operational simplification.

  • Dell EMC

    Mirantis and Dell EMC have partnered to:

    • Jointly support and facilitate integration of Dell EMC storage solutions, including VNX, XTremeIO and ScaleIO, with Mirantis OpenStack
    • Test and validate a broad range of Dell EMC data center hardware for interoperability with Mirantis OpenStack
    • Create joint reference architectures such as EMC Storage Solutions with Mirantis OpenStack, a reference architecture for Mirantis OpenStack with Dell EMC VNX, XtremIO, and ScaleIO, and Mirantis OpenStack Reference Architecture for Dell Hardware, an architecture for hosting cloud-native web workloads.
    Mirantis and Dell EMC seek to help joint customers architect, provision and integrate high-performing, highly available, and cost-efficient open clouds for a broad range of application and workload types. Dell EMC's parent, Dell Technologies, is also an investor in Mirantis.

  • Docker

    Mirantis has adapted Murano Application Catalog to deploy VM hosting environments for Docker containers, enabling rapid configuration of containerized app environments from private and public repos like Docker Hub.

  • Dynatrace

    Mirantis and Dynatrace are collaborating to facilitate deployment and use of Dynatrace's Digital Performance Platform on Mirantis OpenStack. Dynatrace makes real-time information about digital performance visible and actionable for everyone across business and IT.

  • Ericsson

    Mirantis and Ericsson are partnering to deploy Mirantis carrier-grade OpenStack software in the Ericsson cloud software platform used for telecommunications networks, internal data centers and cloud computing services that Ericsson will offer its customers. In addition to using Mirantis OpenStack for carrier-grade deployments, the Ericsson Global Services organization will deploy and integrate Mirantis OpenStack for the IT operation of mobile operators and service providers. Ericsson is also an investor in Mirantis.

  • F5 Networks

    Mirantis and F5 Networks are collaborating to integrate F5 BIG-IP products with Mirantis OpenStack, commencing with support for F5 LBaaS.

  • Fujitsu

    Mirantis and Fujitsu are collaborating to ensure interoperability of Mirantis open cloud solutions with Fujitsu data center hardware.

  • Galera Cluster

    Mirantis and Codership are collaborating to provide high availability for OpenStack infrastructure datastore. Codership's Galera Cluster for MySQL, a true multi-master cluster based on synchronous replication, provides high system uptime with no data loss and slave lag and scalability. Mercadolibre, 8th biggest e-commerce platform in the world, is securing OpenStack Nova, Keystone, Neutron and Cinder meta data with Galera Cluster. Galera Cluster is the de-facto standard for OpenStack high availability and included in Mirantis OpenStack distributions and reference architecture. More information about Galera and support options can be found at www.galeracluster.com

  • Google

    Mirantis, Google and Intel are collaborating to evolve the architecture of the leading purpose-built lifecycle management tool for OpenStack, Fuel, and related OpenStack projects, to enable the use of Kubernetes as their underlying orchestration engine. Their goal is to turn OpenStack into a true microservice application, bridging the gap between legacy infrastructure software and the next generation of application development.

    The companies will work with the OpenStack community to package OpenStack into Docker containers to be managed by Kubernetes. The resulting software will give users fine-grained control over the placement of services used for the OpenStack control plane and the ability to do rolling updates of OpenStack, make the OpenStack control plane self-healing and more resilient, and smooth the path for the creating of microservices-based applications on OpenStack.

    To further support Kubernetes on OpenStack, Mirantis will become an active contributor to the Kubernetes project, aiming to become a top contributor over the next year.

    Mirantis will also collaborate with Google to validate and simplify deployment of integrations between OpenStack and Google cloud services, such as Google Cloud Storage.

  • GroundWork

    Mirantis and GroundWork are partnering to validate and provide rapid, simple installation of GroundWork monitoring and metrics with Mirantis OpenStack. GroundWork is a powerful, multi-modal full-cloud performance monitoring and proactive analytics system that autodiscovers assets and gives rapid, actionable insight enabling break/fix and optimization of application deployments and underling compute, network, and storage infrastructure (real and virtual), both on singular premise clouds and across hybrid cloud topologies.

  • Harmonic

    Harmonic is the worldwide leader in video delivery infrastructure for emerging television and video services. Harmonic enables customers to produce, deliver and monetize amazing video experiences, with unequalled business agility and operational efficiency, by providing market-leading innovation, high-quality service, and compelling total-cost-of-ownership. More information is available at www.harmonicinc.com.

  • Hedvig

    Mirantis and Hedvig are partnering to facilitate deployment of the Hedvig Distributed Storage Platform with Mirantis OpenStack. Hedvig collapses disparate storage systems into a single platform, creating a virtualized pool that provisions storage with a few clicks, scales to petabytes and runs seamlessly in both private and public clouds. Built by software engineers of the world’s largest and most successful distributed systems, Hedvig delivers modern storage for any enterprise compute environment running at any scale.

  • HGST

    Mirantis and HGST are collaborating to integrate support for HGST enterprise hard drives in Mirantis OpenStack. HGST, a Western Digital company, develops innovative, advanced hard disk drives, enterprise-class solid state drives, external storage solutions and services used to store, preserve and manage the world’s most valued data.

  • Hillstone Networks

    Mirantis and Hillstone Networks have partnered to facilitate deployment of an FWaaS driver for the Hillstone firewall appliance — a perimeter protection device for securing North-South traffic, appropriate for carriers, Internet Service Providers (ISPs), business parks, higher education and many others types of businesses.

  • Hitachi Data Systems

    Mirantis and Hitachi Data Systems (HDS) are partnering to develop and deliver solutions based on HDS server and storage products and Mirantis OpenStack. Hitachi Data Systems provides information technologies, services and solutions that help companies improve IT costs and agility, and innovate with information to make a difference in the world.

  • Hortonworks

    Mirantis and Hortonworks are working together on Project Sahara, which they helped develop, to deliver Apache Hadoop on OpenStack. Sahara is auto-deployable as part of the Mirantis OpenStack Distribution.

  • HP

    HP offers an industry-leading portfolio of datacenter gear, from rack and tower servers to blade systems, hyperscale servers and mission-critical server solutions.

  • Huawei

    Huawei provides a broad range of high-performance servers and components for data centers, powered by the latest multi-core Intel® Xeon® processor technology.

  • IBM

    Mirantis and IBM have collaborated to develop a reference architecture that will enable Mirantis OpenStack to manage compute nodes hosted on IBM Power Systems servers, which offer extensive hardware support for virtualization, support very high thread counts, and offer advantageous price/performance for compute-intensive applications like Big Data analytics and media transcoding, as well as general enterprise computing.

    Mirantis has also published and validated Murano packages and other methods for deploying a wide range of applications, in several key categories, including:

  • Infoblox

    Mirantis is helping Infoblox develop an OpenStack add-on for their networking appliances.

  • Inspur

    Mirantis validates select Inspur server technology with Mirantis OpenStack.

  • Intel

    Mirantis OpenStack supports a wide range of Intel datacenter infrastructure (see hardware list). Intel, Google and Mirantis are currently collaborating to evolve Fuel and related OpenStack projects to enable Kubernetes to work as the underlying orchestration engine for containerized OpenStack, enabling fine-grained control over service placement, control plane self-healing, rapid scaling, and simplified upgrades, and smooth the path for creating microservices-based applications on OpenStack, as part of the Intel Cloud for All initiative. Intel Capital is also an investor in Mirantis. Visit the Mirantis Partner Page on Intel's Cloud Builders ecology website.

  • Iron.io

    Mirantis and Iron.io are collaborating to facilitate integration of the components of Iron.io's container-based job processing platform (some of which, like IronMQ, are available as managed services or as deployable products) with Mirantis OpenStack, enabling seamless orchestration of massive parallel 'serverless compute' workloads on premise OpenStack IaaS.

  • Juniper Networks

    Mirantis and Juniper Networks are collaborating to innovate and deliver solutions that help service providers and enterprises rapidly deploy scale-out clouds integrating Mirantis OpenStack with Juniper Contrail Networking and OpenContrail. Mirantis has recently produced Reference Architectures for manually integrating Mirantis OpenStack 6.0 with Juniper Contrail Networking 2.2 and up, and for automatic deployment of Contrail Networking 2.01-41 with Mirantis OpenStack 6.1, using a Fuel Plugin. Both reference architectures include architectural prescriptions for scale-out to 500 compute nodes.

  • Kaminario

    Mirantis and Kaminario are collaborating to enable use of Kaminario K2 Flash arrays and Kaminario's software-defined storage architecture on OpenStack.

  • Lenovo

    Lenovo is the largest vendor of personal computers in the world by unit sales, operating around the world in more than 60 countries.

  • LSI/Avago

    Mirantis OpenStack integrates support for LSI advanced storage solutions. Most recently Mirantis and LSI have collaborated to enable Mirantis OpenStack users to use Fuel to deploy drivers, utilities and scripts for LSI MegaRAID, Nytro MegaRAID, and Nytro Warp Drive controllers, and to configure LSI drivers.

  • Maginatics

    Mirantis and Maginatics are working together to enable enterprises and service providers to bring their traditional workflows onto OpenStack. By combining Mirantis Fuel and Mirantis Services with the Maginatics Cloud Storage Platform (MCSP), organizations can easily deploy OpenStack and begin to move or consolidate traditional NAS file services into OpenStack cloud. Maginatics was recently purchased by EMC.

  • Maxta

    Maxta and Mirantis will be providing pure play OpenStack deployments based on Maxta MxSP software-defined storage, KVM and/or Docker containers and the Mirantis pure play OpenStack distribution. These deployments will support the highest level of data resiliency, availability and protection leveraging a cluster of standard x86 servers, providing agility and scalability for even the most demanding clouds. The Maxta MxSP Cinder driver is Mirantis Certified and distributed with the Mirantis OpenStack .iso. A runbook has been prepared with step-by-step instructions for manual integration.

  • Mellanox Technologies

    Mirantis and Mellanox are partnering to integrate support for Mellanox software-defined networking and accelerated storage networking adapters and switches into Mirantis OpenStack. Mellanox SDN offers improved hypervisor performance and security by offering new offload engines including VXLAN and SR-IOV. Mellanox interconnect enables more efficient cloud operation that is optimized for private and public cloud at scale. Their storage plug-in for Cinder enables use of Mellanox ConnectX-3 adapters able to run high volumes of storage data over the iSER protocol on InfiniBand and Ethernet. Mellanox drivers are Mirantis OpenStack Certified, distributed with the Mirantis OpenStack .iso, and Reference Architectures have been prepared to facilitate manual integration.

  • MetaSwitch Networks

    Mirantis and MetaSwitch are working to enable highly-automated deployment of support for the MetaSwitch Perimeta Session Border Controller -- the first VNF-based SBC -- with the Mirantis NFV Reference Platform. Perimeta SBC offers a session-based firewall with session and media components that enables carriers to defend their network perimeter against high-volume attacks while enabling continuous processing of legitimate VoIP call traffic.

    MetaSwitch-initiated Project Calico aims to create a community-driven solution for delivering hyper-scale data centers where resources communicate efficiently and securely without the limitations of VLANs or overlay schemes. Project Calico is part of MetaSwitch's Neuron initiative toward intelligent network functions virtualization (NFV) for operators. Mirantis and MetaSwitch are partnering to enable rapid configuration and automated deployment of Calico with Mirantis OpenStack via Fuel Plugin, now certified with Mirantis OpenStack 6.

  • Midokura

    Mirantis and Midokura have partnered to integrate Midokura’s overlay-based MidoNet SDN solution into Mirantis OpenStack. MidoNet SDN manages L2 network isolation, L3 and border gateway routing, security groups, floating IPs and other network features, transporting all with GRE tunnel encapsulation for perfect tenant isolation. The system works without a centralized controller, instead using redundant network state nodes with Cassandra and ZooKeeper to store network information. Mirantis OpenStack users can deploy MidoNet with Fuel in HA and non-HA configurations.

  • NetApp

    NetApp and Mirantis partner to support the widest possible range of NetApp storage options, protocols, and features with Mirantis OpenStack; making it easier for service providers and enterprises to create robust, production-grade OpenStack clouds with feature-rich, high performance NetApp storage systems. NetApp has recently validated Fuel Plugins for integrating Mirantis OpenStack with NetApp Clustered Data ONTAP/7-Mode and E-Series storage systems, as well as SolidFire all-Flash storage clusters; and Mirantis and NetApp have collaborated on reference architectures detailing architecture, configuration and deployment for production on Mirantis OpenStack.

  • netElastic Systems

    netElastic Systems and Mirantis are collaborating to enable Mirantis OpenStack users to employ netElastic's multi-service SDN and enterprise services platform with Mirantis OpenStack and future Mirantis cloud platform products.

  • Netronome

    Mirantis and Netronome are collaborating to increase performance and lower TCO for OpenStack-based server infrastructures. Netronome’s Agilio intelligent server networking platform, featuring Agilio CX 10/25/40GbE SmartNICs and software, uses hardware offload to accelerate critical networking functions like virtual switching, virtual routing, and Linux Conntrack firewall features for zero-trust security in compute servers. The joint pioneering work promises to provide the industry with new OpenStack networking capabilities that will enable rapid SDN deployments, delivering significantly higher networking performance and increases in server efficiency.

  • Netrounds

    Netrounds is an active network analytics solution provider for physical, hybrid and virtual networks. Netrounds’ programmable, software-based test and service assurance capabilities enable telecom operators and service providers to enhance the end user experience of IP-based services such as Internet, TV, voice and other quality-demanding business services. Netrounds solutions are used by more than 270 network operators, service providers and enterprises worldwide and its headquarters in Lulea, Sweden, with offices in Boston, Massachusetts and Stockholm, Sweden.

  • Nexenta

    Mirantis OpenStack integrates drivers for the NexentaStor NAS/SAN software platform, and a runbook has been prepared to facilitate manual setup. The integration unlocks unlimited scalability with storage-on-demand efficiency that is instantly available on virtual machine volumes. It also provides flexibility and openness, separating hardware from software components enabling enterprises to remain vendor independent and upgrade backend storage with greatly reduced investments in infrastructure.

  • Nimble Storage

    Nimble Storage (NYSE: NMBL) is the leader in predictive flash storage solutions. Nimble offers a Predictive Flash platform that combines flash performance with predictive analytics to predict and prevent barriers to data velocity caused by complex IT infrastructure. Nimble customers experience absolute performance, non-stop availability and cloud-like agility that accelerate critical business processes. More than 8,100 enterprises, governments, and service providers have deployed the Nimble Predictive Flash Platform across more than 50 countries. For more information visit www.nimblestorage.com and follow us on Twitter: @nimblestorage.

  • Nuage Networks

    Mirantis and Nuage Networks are partnering to certify the Nuage Networks Virtualized Services Platform (VSP) on Mirantis OpenStack. Nuage’s VSP provides components that virtualize switching and abstract physical network infrastructure. VSP provides open APIs, and enables policy-driven automation for agility and security in large-scale multi-tenant enterprise clouds. It supports additional Nuage offerings such as Virtual Network Services (VNS), which simplify extending centralized enterprise cloud services to branch offices and remote sites.

  • Nubeliu

    NubeliU provides Enterprises and Datacenter customers with the a productized deployment of Openstack, and accompanying Professional Services and engineering, to allow deployment, growth, monitoring and maintenance services for Private & Hybrid Cloud Environments.
    Founded in 2014 and headquartered in São Paulo, Brazil and with partners around Latin America, NubeliU deployed and maintains private cloud solutions for some of the world's largest enterprises.
    As a Mirantis technology partner, NubeliU brings Mirantis OpenStack technology to LATAM customers.

  • Odin

    Mirantis and Odin (formerly Parallels) are collaborating to integrate Mirantis OpenStack with Odin Service Automation — a hosting and cloud services delivery platform. Odin Service Automation is a system for provisioning, self-service deployment and metering of cloud applications packaged using the Application Packaging Standard. Use of Odin Service Automation with Mirantis OpenStack speeds creation of clouds by eliminating the need to invest in and integrate provisioning, billing, monitoring, resource allocation or service enablement wrappers.

  • Openwave Mobility

    Mirantis and Openwave Mobility are partnering to facilitate the deployment of the vUDR solution via OpenStack. Openwave Mobility’s solution is the industry’s first NFV certified UDR. It is 3GPP compliant, massively scalable and built for distributed NFV deployments.

  • Oracle

    Mirantis and Oracle have recently collaborated to integrate OpenStack with Oracle Database 12c and Oracle Multitenant, and have packaged the integration for fast, simple deployment from OpenStack’s Murano Application Catalog.

  • OVA

    Open Virtualization Alliance (OVA) works on projects including KVM, the native hypervisor for the Linux kernel. KVM is the default hypervisor for OpenStack.

  • Overture Networks

    Mirantis and Overture Networks are collaborating to facilitate integration and support of Overture Networks’ Ensemble Service Orchestrator (ESO) with the Mirantis NFV Reference Platform. ESO is an open, extensible carrier-class NFV service and VNF lifecycle management and orchestration system. The system coordinates and connects virtual resources to physical network elements to create, activate and assure virtualized services across multiple networking layers. ESO will eventually support a broad ecosystem of VNFs.

  • Palo Alto Networks

    Mirantis and Palo Alto Networks have joined forces to deploy Palo Alto Networks’ next-generation security solution as a virtual network function (VNF) on Mirantis OpenStack, protecting the applications from cyber threats while taking advantage of the agility, cost savings, and innovation of the OpenStack cloud ecosystem.

  • Pensa Networks

    Mirantis and Pensa Networks are partnering to validate integration of Pensa's Maestro Studio with Mirantis OpenStack. Maestro Studio provides a Virtual Lab-as-a-Service to enable the rapid adoption of SDN and NFV technologies by simplifying design and validation of virtual networks. Purpose built to extend DevOps and 'Infrastructure as Code' concepts to networking, Maestro Studio lets customers easily step through network design, application deployment, use-case validation, performance benchmarking and interoperability testing.

  • Pivotal

    Mirantis and Pivotal have partnered to validate Pivotal Cloud Foundry on Mirantis OpenStack. Cloud Foundry is a Platform as a Service (PaaS) that supplies developers with a ready-to-use cloud computing environment and application services.

  • Pluribus Networks

    Mirantis and Pluribus Networks are collaborating to validate Pluribus' NetVisor OS-based open networking gear and SDN technologies and products on Mirantis OpenStack.

  • ProphetStor Data Services

    ProphetStor Data Services, Inc., a leader in Software-Defined Storage (SDS), provides federated storage solutions to enable data centers to scale out and cut storage costs greatly for both commercial and open source solutions. ProphetStor was founded in 2012 by seasoned storage experts, with extensive experience in cloud computing platforms, software based networked storage, data services, and business continuity and disaster recovery solutions.Headquartered in Milpitas, California, ProphetStor has branch offices in Asia-Pacific regions to serve international customers.

  • Pure Storage

    Pure Storage, the market's leading independent solid-state array vendor, has partnered with Mirantis to add support for and certify all-Flash storage solutions for Mirantis OpenStack. Pure Storage has developed a Fuel plug-in, which has been certified by Mirantis for production customer deployments.

  • QLogic

    Mirantis and QLogic® have partnered on a Fuel plug-in for QLogic FastLinQ™ Ethernet Adapters which installs and configures SR-IOV and VXLAN features seamlessly within OpenStack environments. This plugin automation will improve network provisioning, saving cloud administrations time and operational expenditures. QLogic and Mirantis will bring additional advanced storage and networking features and functionality to the growing OpenStack community.

  • RIFT.io

    Mirantis and RIFT.io are collaborating to enable robust, rapid, at-scale deployment of the RIFT.ware NFV platform on Mirantis OpenStack, creating a joint, fully-open solution for composing, orchestrating and lifecycle-managing standards-based, containerized VNFs on OpenStack IaaS. RIFT.io technology and services empower enterprises to successfully deploy virtualized network services on private and hybrid cloud, and accelerate service providers' efforts to deploy NFV-enabled virtualized networks. Any network application built with RIFT.io technology can intelligently take advantage of any cloud’s unique capabilities and operate at any scale. RIFT.io is a privately held, global company with offices in the United States and India. For more information about RIFT.io, visit http://riftio.com/. Follow us at @RIFT_io.

  • Scality

    Mirantis and Scality are partnering to facilitate integration of Scality RING with Mirantis OpenStack. Scality is the industry leader in software-defined storage for the information age, serving over 500 million users worldwide. Scality RING provides 100% reliable Software-Defined Storage with unmatched performance, and is perfect for capacity-driven workloads such as cloud services, high definition video, and enterprise archiving. It runs on standard x86 servers powered by Linux, (e.g. HP, Dell, Cisco, SuperMicro, or Seagate), and creates an unlimited storage pool for file, object and OpenStack applications. Thanks to its underlying object storage architecture, the RING scales to exabytes of data and trillions of files. Seven of the top twenty telecommunication companies, petabyte-scale cloud services, and Global 2000 enterprises rely on the RING for mission-critical applications.

  • Scalr

    Mirantis and Scalr are partnering to facilitate deployment of Scalr's CMP (Cloud Management Platform) with Mirantis OpenStack. Scalr Cloud Management combines orchestration, analytics, governance, security, and the ability to manage multiple clouds and cloud platforms, public and private, from a single pane of glass.

  • Silicon Mechanics

    Silicon Mechanics designs and builds cost-efficient, enterprise-grade solutions for rackmount servers, storage, and high-performance computing.

  • Solace Systems

    Mirantis and Solace Systems have validated the Solace Virtual Messaging Router (VMR) on Mirantis OpenStack. Solace VMR is a high-efficiency messaging platform that runs on any IaaS. Multiple VMRs link into a messaging fabric that enables creation of messaging, IoT and similar applications with very high traffic volume, hosted on hybrid cloud infrastructure, and enabling interoperation and secure message exchange between VMRs on public and enterprise private IaaS platforms.

  • Storage Made Easy

    Mirantis and Storage Made Easy are partnering to make Mirantis OpenStack and hosted Mirantis OpenStack Swift storage more flexible, multipurpose, securable and auditable.

  • SuperMicro

    SuperMicro is a global leader in high-performance, high-efficiency server technology and innovation is a premier provider of end-to-end green computing solutions for HPC, Data Center, Cloud Computing, Enterprise IT, Hadoop/Big Data and Embedded Systems worldwide.

  • SUSE

    The Mirantis partnership with SUSE provides Mirantis OpenStack customers with enterprise Linux support from SUSE. As initial members of the OpenStack Foundation, Mirantis and SUSE also collaborate on technical improvements to OpenStack.

    Mirantis includes enterprise Linux offerings from SUSE directly in Mirantis OpenStack and provides a complete solution, including enterprise support, directly to Mirantis customers. Mirantis OpenStack customers now have access to SUSE Linux Enterprise Server support – as well as support for other major Linux distributions – as they build their private cloud. SUSE Linux Enterprise Server will be established as a development platform for use with Mirantis OpenStack. In addition, Mirantis and SUSE will collaborate upstream on technology and features for improving OpenStack.

    Customers can confidently run Mirantis OpenStack on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server – the best enterprise operating system for mission-critical Linux workloads including OpenStack – knowing it is backed with full certification and support from both vendors.

  • SwiftStack

    Mirantis is partnering with SwiftStack to integrate the SwiftStack Object Storage System with Mirantis OpenStack, providing users with an enterprise-grade storage clustering solution with sophisticated management and monitoring facilities, with OpenStack Swift at its core.

  • Talligent

    Mirantis and Talligent are partnering to simplify OpenStack cloud management with clear visibility and actionable insights into your cloud costs and consumption. Openbook from Talligent is billing, chargeback and capacity planning software for cloud services delivered on OpenStack. Customers, operators, and executives have real-time visibility of utilization trends and available capacity, self-service access to scale up or down OpenStack resources, and consolidated views of AWS and VMware consumption and costs.

  • Tesora

    Mirantis and Tesora are partnering to radically simplify how databases are provisioned and managed in the cloud. While Tesora’s Database as a Service Platform is based on OpenStack Trove, it goes beyond basic Trove available from the trunk. The Tesora DBaaS is built to run any database on demand with speed, simplicity and reliability.

  • Tintri

    Tintri and Mirantis have partnered to validate Tintri's VMstore storage technology, all-Flash and hybrid-Flash back ends with Mirantis OpenStack. These solutions work with Tintri Global Center (TGC) -- a management and analytics solution that provides monitoring and enables optimization of storage over large numbers of VMs.

  • Trend Micro

    Trend Micro Incorporated, a global leader in cyber security solutions, helps to make the world safe for exchanging digital information. Our innovative solutions for consumers, businesses, and governments provide layered security for data centers, cloud environments, networks, and endpoints.

    Mirantis and Trend Micro have partnered to integrate Trend Micro’s Virtual Network Function Suite (VNFS) with Mirantis OpenStack. With Trend Micro’s innovative deep packet inspection technology and advanced global threat intelligence, VNFS helps communication service providers to easily and quickly deliver flexible, reliable, and high-performance network security solutions to end users.

  • Trilio Data

    Trilio, the creators of the first and only comprehensive data protection platform native to OpenStack, is a preferred provider of backup and recovery solutions for Mirantis Cloud Platform, offering enhanced data retention, protection and integrity for workloads running on OpenStack.

  • Ulteo

    Mirantis and Ulteo to are collaborating to scale the Ulteo Open Virtual Desktop (OVD) virtual desktop and application delivery platform on Mirantis OpenStack. Delivering virtual desktops based on 100 percent open source technology allows customers to get a better ROI while having the flexibility to scale as demand grows.

  • Violin Memory

    Mirantis and Violin Memory are collaborating to validate software integrating Mirantis OpenStack with Violin Flash Storage Platform, an all-flash solution with extremely low latency, high IOPS and large capacity.

  • Virtual Bridges

    Mirantis and Virtual Bridges are collaborating to embed support for Bridgepoint virtual workloads management software into Mirantis OpenStack, to help organizations easily deploy and manage virtual workloads (both desktops and servers).

  • VMware

    Mirantis and VMware are partnering to develop and deliver solutions that help customers accelerate large-scale cloud deployments based on Mirantis OpenStack and VMware virtualization technologies, including VMware vSphere, VMware NSX and NSXm, and VMware Virtual SAN. Support for VMware vCenter and NSX functionality and deployment is built into Mirantis Fuel. Additionally, Mirantis and VMware are coordinating around reference architectures and commercial support, and Mirantis is providing enterprise-class support for OpenStack on top of VMware products.

  • Western Digital/HGST

    Western Digital is one of the largest makers of storage products in the world for both consumer and datacenter markets: a consistent innovator in hard drive core technologies, capacity, speed and power consumption. In 2012, they acquired HGST - Hitachi Global Storage Technologies.

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