Mirantis Zero-Lock-In OpenStack Distribution

Mirantis OpenStack is the pure-play OpenStack distribution that interoperates with a variety of compute, storage and networking end-points for maximum flexibility. Unlike other distributions that lock-in users by limiting integration with specific components such as hypervisors, operating systems, storage, software defined networking (SDN), platform-as-a-service (PaaS), cloud management platform (CMP) or hardware, Mirantis OpenStack provides a robust set of OpenStack control-plane services that can be used with best-in-class infrastructure.

How is a Distribution Created?

Creating a robust OpenStack distribution takes many steps.


We fix bugs & security issues. All fixes are developed upstream-first, but we do not control the timing and acceptance of these into trunk. With Mirantis OpenStack, get timely access to all these fixes.

Packaging & Reference Architecture

We curate projects that are ready for production-use and package them with middleware to create highly available reference architectures that are proven to work, repeatable and supportable.


We provide you tools, methodologies and documentation for initial deployment and ongoing operations through OpenStack Fuel, along with StackLight, updates and upgrades.

Interop Testing

We validate third-party drivers and fuel deployment plugins with Mirantis OpenStack so you can deploy and operate your private cloud with best-in-class infrastructure with confidence.

The combination of these operations gives you a 100% open-source distribution, but one that is not the same as trunk. Users who have tried to do this themselves have found that they need to hire and more importantly retain an extensive engineering team of OpenStack development engineers.

Mirantis Hardening Process

While the OpenStack community provides CI testing, Mirantis provides a significantly higher level of testing. The packages are built from individual project repositories and are tested together using our reference architectures to ensure that these various software pieces work bug-free as a whole.

The scope of our testing also explains why customers are increasingly moving away from a do-it-yourself (DIY) approach and moving to Mirantis OpenStack. It is very hard for a single customer to test and subsequently fix bugs at the same level of intensity.

Integration with Fuel for deployment and relevant onsite cluster health checks is also a critical piece of the overall hardening story.

Mirantis performs comprehensive testing on core OpenStack packages with a variety of tests

Source of the Source Code

Why should you trust Mirantis as your most trusted source of hardened core OpenStack packages? We are the source of the source code. As the leading pure-play OpenStack company, Mirantis is a Top 3 contributor to the upstream OpenStack code base, across projects. Many of the same developers who build OpenStack itself are the ones building Mirantis OpenStack, so you know that you’re getting the real thing.

We lead a number of OpenStack and related projects including Fuel (deployment), Murano (application catalog), Sahara (Hadoop-as-a-service) and Rally (scale testing).

What is in Mirantis OpenStack?

Mirantis OpenStack consists of Core OpenStack services weaved into a proven HA reference architecture that can be managed with OpenStack native operations tooling. It can be extended with Fuel deployment plugins and validated drivers. And it can also be extended with Mirantis OpenStack plugins.

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