Reduce the time-to-value of your private cloud

As IT organizations face increasing pressure to increase agility while also meeting the needs of end-users accustomed to public cloud services, the costs and reality of deploying private clouds can be challenging.

  • Only an open cloud can drive down TCO
  • OpenStack is the leading open cloud platform
  • Choose your consumption model: Mirantis OpenStack software distribution, Mirantis OpenStack customized with services, or turnkey Mirantis Unlocked Appliances

By providing turnkey OpenStack appliances without vendor lock-in, Mirantis is bringing the best of cloud and converged infrastructure together to simplify OpenStack deployments and reduce the time-to-value of your private cloud. Together with an ecosystem of leading cloud companies, our goal is to ensure the success of your OpenStack cloud.

Certified Rack Partners

The single point of lifecycle management

Your Certified Mirantis Unlocked Rack Partner is equipped to best understand the needs for your cloud deployment and will certify the delivered appliance upon successful installation. One call to Mirantis provides the 7×24 support for your cloud, backed by the Unlocked Partner ecosystem coordinating resolution to your issues.

Only a Certified Rack Partner can provide the full lifecycle services and assurance of certification for your Unlocked Appliance.

Mirantis Unlocked Appliance for Cloud Native Apps

The Mirantis Unlocked Appliances are turnkey rack-based appliances designed for developing and deploying web workloads, cloud native applications and container-based environments at scale. By integrating the latest servers and networking from industry leading partners, together with Mirantis OpenStack, the guesswork and integration are eliminated from your deployment.

The Unlocked Appliance Portfolio:

With the Mirantis Unlocked Appliances you can

  • Reduce time-to-deployment from months to a single onsite day with a turnkey rack-based appliance
  • Reduce risk by standardizing on pre-validated hardware and software configurations
  • Provide an elastic AWS-like experience to your developers — and scale production deployments of container-based applications
  • Scale from small to large with multiple sized choices within a single rack appliance, and to more than 40 compute nodes in a fully configured two rack appliance
  • Reduce TCO by avoiding vendor lock-in as well as the high costs of proprietary software licenses and support

Pre-tested and pre-validated by Mirantis and the Unlocked Partner ecosystem

Enabled by the only pure-play
OpenStack company

Integrated and certified by Certified Mirantis Unlocked Partners

OpenStack without the risk

Focus on your business, not on OpenStack

Mirantis Unlocked Appliances remove risk through automation and certification. During rack assembly your Certified Rack Partner is utilizing automated software builds and validation prior to shipment. After onsite installation a Certified Unlocked Appliance provides your assurance of OpenStack at the highest standards.

Designed and pre-validated by Mirantis and an ecosystem of Unlocked Partners. Installed and certified by a Certified Rack Partner for your continued success.

Certified every step of the way

At every point in the lifecycle of your Unlocked Appliance your Certified Rack Partner is utilizing our updated automation and certification tools to ensure your Unlocked Appliance remains a valid and certified deployment:

  • Hardware updates and expansion.
  • Upgrading Mirantis OpenStack.
  • Updates to infrastructure software.
  • Upgrades to appliance applications.

How to Buy

Our Certified Rack Partners provide a variety of hardware vendors and sizing options that can be tailored to your requirements. Contact Mirantis for help evaluating which Unlocked Appliance solution is the best fit for your needs.

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Certified Rack Partners

Redapt is a Redmond, Washington-based global systems integrator focused on data center infrastructure and cloud engineering services.

FusionStorm is an award-winning IT solution provider with national U.S. coverage and global distribution capabilities. FusionStorm has a proven track record of success providing best-of-breed technology solutions to enterprises of all sizes.

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